About Open Doors

Whether it’s newlyweds who has been stuck in an airport waiting for be repatriated, or the one that has been losing their home in a wildfire or another natural catastrophe, a cancer patient who needs to be closer to specialty care, or a family fleeing conflict in their home country—Open Doors lets hosts offer their space for free to people going through a difficult time.

COVID19 Program

Commited to you and you'r family safety

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we’re changing our policies to better serve you. Travelers with stays in March or April are covered by our COVID-19 Emergency Policy. When the time is right and your family is ready to travel again, we’ll be here to provide you with a space to reconnect with loved ones.

Amidst all this, the global travel industry has come to a halt. Airlines are grounded and borders are closed. Most of us—including our guests—are on government advised lockdowns, unable to leave our homes. Travel as we know it is almost impossible. But .

For the one are trap in foreign countries, we help them with accommodation

The one that needs a plan and route to get back home, we got a plan for them

For the one that wants to help, we have another way to be volunteers.

Open Doors

Families and Hotels Open Doors

To the one that are volunteering, pilots, nurses, flight attendant, medical doctors, and more that are helping to fight against the current crisis, we match with the hosts that wants to be part of this worldwide help.

Help to Treat

A call to Hotels and Airlines

We aim to recover the travel passion and start a new world with trust. We help airlines and hotels to be COVID-19 Treated. Allow to future passengers and guest choose the airline that has been COVID-19 Treaten. And that the participant company has been part of the worldwide help.

Every worldwide help that airlines and hotels needs, we provide volunteers ready to help, and waiting to be repatriated. We help to get a route back to their home destinations, they work as volunteers and help airlines and hotels to be trustable.

The goal is being all of us united and fight against the current crisis, this will be by connecting help, volunteering and destinations. Airlines apply to our programs connected with governments and agencies by helping to people trap abroad getting back to their homes, in the meantime where the airline goes and bring local help, we help them with volunteers spread this help and treat the current fleet. Airlines can direct write to commercial@dotrotter.com.


Protect yourself
and your family's future

We also bring you some in-person-inspector that will help you
to protect and make you insurance up to 1 million pounds.
Our insurance partners have the experiences to make hosts
and travelers safest and make
process success for both of them

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